Monday, June 30, 2008

The Lindsey Tree

Well I did it! I finally did it.  I have put it off for years now.  I have always wanted to know a little more about my heritage but I really thought the process would be painful.  I still think that traditional genealogy is something that would bore me to no end.  I was curious about the origins of my ancestors' surnames though so I looked into it.  I found my Scottish clan, which was most exciting.  I knew that I was Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and English but I wasn't sure where that all fit in.  The Coat of Arms where hard to find w/o paying for them but it was good to just see them.  

My great grandmother Eva's surname being Griffith is of Welsh origin.  The family motto on our crest is Firmitas Et Sanitas, which means Strength and Sanity.  I know some of you are laughing about the sanity part... I'm still scratching my head on that part too.  I'm not sure what part of Whales it originated though.  

My grandmother Alice's surname was Hannah Scottish in decent.  From the Clan Hannay. The earliest version of Hannah I could find was Hannay, of Sorbie Tower in Galloway.  Our family motto is Per ardua ad alta, meaning, Through difficulties to the heights.

My mother's name being Deborah Willis is English.  The name is found first in Berkshire England.  There is no motto that is found.  It is a very ancient name apparently!

Now, my maiden name, Blake, is Irish/English.  Started out as Lake from England then my ancestors moved to Ireland.  The name has, apparently, many different spellings in ancient records some include Blake, Caddell, Caddle, and others (not really sure how blake and Caddell are the same).  The Crest motto is Virtus sola Nobilitat, which translates to virtue alone ennobles or virtue alone is nobility.  

It was really fascinating learning about my family's names and meanings.  I have always prided myself in being Irish and Scottish and now I have a little more to say when people ask more into it then "UHHHHHH!"  I hope this has inspired you to look a little deeper into your ancestry.  I don't think I will ever enjoy searching for names and doing genealogy in the traditional sense but it's certainly nice learning a little more about where I came from because like I said before I knew nothing of it.  

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I have to rant a little.  Ever since Brandon and I have gotten married, though wonderful as it has been, we have missed pretty much every incredible concert there has been.  The latest was of course the Sasquatch Festival.  I have been reading about it and it was freaking amazing, apparently.  Not only did I miss David Bazan's debut performance as David Bazan and the Black Clouds but apparently Rainn Wilson was there, just hanging out.  A few others include Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie (whose new album is awsome) and many more, many more!  Brandon and I went to see David Bazan playing a few of his new songs.  It was pretty perfect but I need more.  I cannot see why I am destined to rot here in Provo while all the musical genius is in Portland.  I really feel like I have been cursed.  Well I guess I'm mostly upset because of my dreadful day!  
This is how I feel right now.  I know that those of you who have not seen me in a while are very alarmed, so to ease you, I have not turned into a creepy old man but have caught a nasty cold.  So I am now writing in my Sudafed induced state a blog about how crappy it is to have a cold.  Today I did have to go to work and was sniffing and blowing all day.  Then a wonderful coworker said, "I was sick last week and believe me, I would much rather have you have, then what I had."  As you can tell that immediately set me at ease... Did the sarcastic nature of that comment come through in my writing?  I guess she was trying to make me feel better in her own awkward way.  I was thinking the whole day that if only I could find a way sharpen a pencil enough I could end my misery but now that I am drugged I feel much better...