Sunday, July 13, 2008

would you trust your child with this woman?

This is my BYU ID card, which is something I need to do laundry for cheep since we live on campus.  Brandon keeps telling me that it looks like one of those photos that police send around to neighborhoods warning them of murderers, sexual predators, and/or stalkers.  I think it is a picture of a lovely girl just having a rough day before she even got a shower... It seems to me that he is just jealous of my natural good looks.  I mean come on people it's not like he can just roll out of bed, throw on a sweatshirt, and look so beautiful and kindly.  I guess I'm just one of the few lucky.  And just for the record... Brandon's picture looks like he is a little boy who is pouting because his mom won't buy him a slurpee! HAAAAAAAAA!

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Marcene said...

yes I would..when are you coming to watch him?