Thursday, November 8, 2012

Here is my latest crochet project.  I made it for a friend who wanted to surprise her mom with it.  It is a crochet penguin pillow! As you can see I used the magic ring crochet six method on this.  I do not have a pattern made up yet, as I am not sure I will ever have a use to make another one but if you want to make one, I used bulky weight yarn, a size G hook, and a 10 inch round pillowform. I think my final increase row was 6 increases of 14 stitches and I used single crochet.  I made one in black and one in white so that would go something like this.

6 sc into a magic ring.
Inc. around to make 12.
Sc, Inc. around to make 18.
Sc 2 times, Inc. around to make 24.
Sc 3 times, Inc. around to make 30.
Sc 4 times, Inc. around to make 36.
Sc 5 times, Inc. around to make 42.
Sc 6 times, Inc. around to make 48.
Etc. until it is big enough around just increasing the amount of single crochets by one on each round and you will increase six times in each round.

When you are finished increasing, just sc all the way around for three rows. 

For the feet, I made another magic ring (for each foot) and then sc 6 then ch 1, flip, and inc in each stitch to make 12, then ch 1, sc, inc. around the half circle to make 18.

For the beak:  Chain 9.  In the second ch from hook, sc then sc across, ch 1.  Turn and sc across in each stitch.  *Then you want to flip without chaining one and sc in the second stitch from the hook.  Ch 1, sc in each stitch.  Continue from * and keep going until there is only one sc in the row.

The eyes are just a magic ring, crochet six.

The wings, are the same procedure as the beak just longer.  I just measured out a chain for how long I wanted the wings and then went from there. 

That is basically the pattern.  If you have questions, please let me know.

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