Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Day in the Life of Hector Ayala

A beam of light shone through the eyelid of a cat named Hector Ayala. It created a creamcicle orange color. Hector opened his eyes and saw nothing but a blinding light. He blinked and looked away. Realizing where he was, he looked around at the familiar scene. Hector had fallen asleep on the back of the loveseat in the living room. He took in the sight of articles of clothing on the floor, as well as a bunch of empty drink cups. Is it really so hard to put things away. Those lazy humans!

Directly to his left there was a window, which was covered by blinds. There where small specs of light shining through the holes where the strings, which held the blinds together, came through. Hector noticed the small beams of light on the loveseat and jumped onto the seat. What is that? Where does it come from? Every morning, it comes and rests there on the couch but where does it come from. He tapped it with his paw. It did not move. Curious. Hector spent a few minutes poking at it until he was no longer interested in the little beams of light. Hector decided to wander around. It would be a few hours before The Big One and The Red One would wake up.

Trotting down the hall, Hector noticed that there was one of the stretchy black things that The Red One puts in her hair to hold it back. YES! I love these things! Hector swatted at it. It flew across the floor. He chased after it and skidded to a stop right in front of it. He moved it around with his paw for a moment. Then he grabbed it with his claw and pulled it up, lowered himself onto his back, and grabbed it with his back paw as well. He stretched it between his front and back paw for a few moments. I like this workout because it makes my leg muscles strong and I get to lie down while doing it. The stretchy black thing flew across the hall next to his water dish. Hector bolted towards it and slid into the bowl of water, causing the it to splash on the floor and onto his paws.

Ewe, I hate when this happens. My paws are all wet, Hector thought as he shook his paws and made a sour expression. He decided that now was as good of time as any and lapped up some water. He was very thirsty. He drank for a while. After drinking he needed to relieve himself. The litter box was full and Hector sniffed around for a good spot to pee. That’s been taken, that’s been taken… I guess this spot will do. After he was done, he tried to bury it but… since the box was full, this was not easy. Stupid Red One, she is supposed to clean this out.

Hector walked out of the bathroom thinking all sorts of profanities about The Red One and decided he was going to go look at the light spots on the couch again. He jumped up and stared at them for a while. This held his attention for much longer this time.

In a few hours time Hector had repeated these actions several times and he decided he was bored so he walked down the hall one more time and came to The Big One and The Red One’s bedroom. He could hear them both snoring. He let out a pitiful little meow. It was much more quiet than he had intended. This time he wailed. The Red One stirred. It’s working. She’s waking. He meowed a few more times. After a while of meowing and attacking The Red One’s feet, she got up and they played some games. Hector decided after he chased the feather wand around for an exceedingly long time, that he was tired enough to go to sleep. He jumped up onto the office chair and curled up into a ball. He thought about his day and all the things he had accomplished. Cat days may seem short and uneventful to human spectators but to a cat these seemingly trivial activities are just part of an important to do list. Hector thought about his day as he drifted off to sleep. My muscles are going to be so big. I only hope The Red One doesn’t find my black stretchy thing and take it away again… Hector fell asleep and dreamt of a room filled with light spots and black stretchy things.

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