Monday, April 9, 2012

Cozy Crochet Cowl


- Yarn in size 6 in whatever color makes your heart sing or, you know, whatever color will go best with your wardrobe. You should be using just about the whole ball of yarn.

- 9 mm Crochet hook

- Sharp and trusty scissors

- Thread in color of your heart singing yarn and a needle.

- Big buttons with large button holes.

- A couple straight pins.

Term Guide:

ch= chain

sc= single crochet

dc= double crochet

sl st= slip stitch

If you don’t know a stitch, don’t freak out! There is a great website with wonderful pictures on how to do all these stitches. Here is the link:

Row 1

Ch 50.

Row 2

Join Ch with sl st being careful not to twist yarn.

Row 3

Ch 1 and then sc in each ch around; making 50 sc.

Row 4

Ch 2 (counts as first dc) then dc in each sc around; making 50 dc.

Rows 5-8

Continue rows 3 and 4 three more times.

Row 9

Ch 1 then sc in each dc around; making 50 sc.

To Finish:

Sl st and pull yarn through. If you have a lot of yarn left over, you will cut a tail about 4 inches long before you pull it all the way through.

Weave in ends and sew in place with some thread in the same color as your yarn. Some people like to use fabric glue to keep their work from unweaving at the ends. I don’t like to on things I wear because it’s scratchy and it smells bad. Who really wants to walk around smelling like fabric glue? Not me.

Try on the cowl and figure out where you would like the buttons placed. Use a straight pin to mark where you would like them. When removing the cowl be careful not to stab yourself in the eye with the straight pins. It’s best to insert pin so that, from the front, you can see both ends of the pin.

Sew on buttons.

Congratulations you have completed a cute and cozy cowl. I hope you love it and stay warm!

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